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Cevilla's Story.

(first installment)

Not a word. Sit down quietly and be invisible. The child, glancing surreptitiously around, hunched her bony shoulders, desperate for her mother to look at her and equally fearful that she would. She contorted her tiny body so it would slip between the chair and the dining table and held her breath so she could get into her seat. The chair must not move and scrape against the ground. Eat. The spoon must not scrape or clatter against the plate or her presence would be felt.

Somehow, she had done this a thousand times and somehow she had always succeeded. But today the space she had to squeeze into seemed a lot smaller. The chair grated against the floor and she was seen. Her eyes, sunken in her sallow face, widened and stayed dilated and she shuddered in fear of what was to come next, as her mother, startled, realised that she was there.

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The Community ...

Follow the turbulent conflicts of two generations torn apart by prophecy and swept along a terrible path by spiritual deception.

The film draws us into into the community of the Book of Laws, who follow the teachings and lifestyle handed to them by the Prophet. They are a simple people and live ascetic lives free from materialism and the outside world and outside influences. Most are hard-working farmers who live off the land. They help each other out when they can, family is important to them and they take care of each other as a matter of duty.

The people of The Book work hard on their lands to scrape a meagre living. Theirs is a simple existence, punctuated by pontification and censure if rules are not strictly obeyed.

At first, the people of the community were happy, but the nature of the community recently and rapidly changed as the community and its leader Zebekiah found themselves in the grip of prophecies that challenged the core of their existence.

The Cast ...


Grace Long


Steve Hay

Sister Cevilla

Colette Redgrave


Nicholas McFadzean


Eleni Varon


Matt Couchman

Analise's Mother

Ellie Darvill


Arnaldo Staffa


Max Agrest

Barrett Mother

Chris Rickards

Barrett Girl

Sofiya Pizyur


Rollo Little

1st Youth

Andrew Butcher

2nd Youth

Jamie Mallon


Dean McNamara

Community Group

Island People Agency

Production Team ...

Written By

Bethany Graves

Produced By

Bethany Graves

Zarina Kadylbek

Executive Producer

Titia Graves


Bethany Graves


Chloe Goument

IOW Casting

Island People Agency

Costumes by

Final Creation

The Crew ...


Daniel Löwenstein


Werner van Peppen


Stephen Partington


Tom Walder

Camera Operator

Matt Perren


Oli Cipres

Set Design

Ellis Gbett

1st AD

Bozhidar Paychev

2nd AD

Panos Kordas


Sofiya Bodnar

Production Assistant

Glenda Greco

1st Runner

Dave Rahiman

2nd Runner

Katie Poole



Wild Eyes by Bethany Graves

The music video for 'Wild Eyes' from The Book of Laws will be dropping on YouTube This Sunday, 25th April 2021.

Join us in the countdown, and pre-save the song so you catch it as soon as it is on streaming services and platforms:

Daniel Löwenstein

Daniel Löwenstein is a London-based director. He has worked with people such as Kylie Jenner, Gwendoline Christie, StephLonDon, produced commercials for Tiffany & Co and Pimms as well as directed music videos for artists such as Pixie Lott.

Daniel has directed award-winning films that are currently making international appearances around numerous film festivals. Daniel is currently working on the series PILL. He is very happy to be working with TBZ Productions on the Book of Laws.

Colette Redgrave

Colette is a member of the Redgrave family - a British acting dynasty spanning five generations who have worked as actors since the nineteenth century. The well-known actress Vanessa Redgrave is an Oscar, Tony, Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner. Colette's performance in The Book of Laws is both stellar and accomplished. Don't miss Colette'sperformede as Olga in Picasso's Women to sold-out audiences at York Theatre Royal and Theatre by the Lake, Keswick. She can be heard on 'The Windermere Children' available now on BBC iPlayer.


Steve Hay

Steve Hay recreates his epic performances in The Book of Laws. Steve Hay gives an unmissable performance in The Anatomist (2018). He can also be seen in Sony/Starz period film 'Outlander'. He recently concluded 'Macbeth' at the State Theatre in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan. His 'Turning Leaves' featured at the at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and he can be seen as J.M. Barrie, in 'The Mythmakers', in film and TV roles in 'Lady Godiva', 'The Oracle', 'Inside Blue' and the network TV series 'Ultimate Force'.

Grace Long

Since filming Grace has acted in the feature film 'A Dark Path' directed by Nicholas Winter with Porcelain Films, and had a short role in Deep Water which aired on on ITV Hub. She also made a short film called 'An Homage to Natalie Portman' which can be watched here.

Eleni Varon

Eleni features in Zuzu’s new music video, and is busy recording a series of short stories called Classic Fairytales Updates for ChapelFM. Watch the music video here.

Max Agrest

Max Agrest is a young, talented actor and author of 'Unhappiness' - a collection of fascinating short stories. This budding young actor is definitely one to watch.


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